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Microorganisms are very important in aquaculture and industrial wastewater treatment. They reside in the sediment and other substrates, in aquaculture water, and also in and on the cultured species. Microorganisms may have positive or negative effects on the outcome of aquaculture operations. Positive microbes can eliminate toxic materials such as ammonia, nitrite, and hydrogen sulfide, degradation of unconsumed feed, and nutrition of aquatic animals such as shrimp and fish. These plus other functions make microorganisms key players in the health and sustainability of aquaculture. Like other areas in aquaculture or wastewater treatment, microorganisms require care and management. 


The word Plant here means a physical facility with just one purpose - to provide a  favorable climate for the bacteria to digest the waste. The mechanical parts does not digest the waste. It is enzymes produced by the right type of bacteria which does. Therefore. microorganism that range in size from bacteria to protozoa will now form a conglomerate known as the biota. Once you have a healthy biota in your treatment system. you would have a healthy wastewater treatment plant.


All of us are in a remarkable position of doing something about the deteriorating environmental conditions today --- not tomorrow or next year or 5 years from now. With the powerful and innovative tool of bioaugmentation the responsibility of starting is now!!!



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