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SM Prawn Farms






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SM Prawn Farms

La Paz, Iloilo,



Farm : SM Prawn Farm, Inc.,

Owner : Mr. Gerry Luzuriaga

Location : La Paz, Iloilo, Philippines

Pond history :


Prior to treatment with NS Series Super SPO, 2 ponds were selected for trial purposes. Pond 2A with 4,009 M2 served as "control" and pond 2B with 3,931 M2 served as "treated". Both ponds were stocked on 9/23/89. Pond 2A had a stocking density of 14.35/M2, while pond 2B, 14.22/M2.

The application of NS Series Super SPO was on pond 2B at DOC 117 (1/17/90). Parameters were taken and recorded prior to treatment with and ABW of 16.73 grams. This slow growth was encountered on all ponds of their 22.4 HA farm due to very high salinity (40 ppt) and prevailing cold weather conditions. Tail rot was also observed during sampling. A remedial dosage of 4 kilograms were applied on the first \\'eek. 350 grams were then applied weekly thereafter until harvest.


The following growth rates of prawns were duly recorded:


ABW SPO Dosages
117 16.73 4kgs
130 23.80  
135 26.83

A total of six (6) -350 grams weekly maintenance dosage application was undertaken till harvest. total of2.1 kgs.(at harvest)

145 28,82
155  31.33
165  36.25

At DOC 138, ABW at pond A (control) was 25 grams while pond B treated with NS Series Super SPO had an ABW of 27 grams. At this point, management already saw the advantages of using the product. Subsequently at DOC 138, pond 2A was also treated. Furthermore, all other ponds with stocking were also treated. Growth of prawns resumed even under prevailing adverse conditions.

It will be recalled by most growers in Iloilo that most farms aborted or harvested at 25 -28 grams because of slow growth caused by prevailing conditions. But SM Prawn Farm Inc., with the use of NS Series Super SPO \vas able to harvest prawns with an ABW of 32 grams or higher on all their ponds.






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