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N S   S E R I E S

 Mega SPO   


Thiobacillus denitrificans


Paraccocus denitrificans


High Density

Prawn & Fish Culture





NS Series Cultures



The NS Series Cultures are specially selected and adapted bacterial strains designed to help degrade a variety of compounds and pollutants found in the discharge waters of refineries, petrochemical plants, textile mills, food processors, pulp and paper mills, etc. Many aliphatic and aromatic chemical compounds found in these discharge waters are included in a 'Priority Pollutant' category by worldwide environmental agencies. These toxic compounds add a new dimension to the problems encountered in conventional biological wastewater treatment. Because of the toxicity of the wastes, longer acclimation periods for the naturally occurring microflora are often necessary for suitable degradation to occur, .if at all. Sudden influx of certain of these compounds may result in a toxic shock loading to the biological load system with a reduction in the biomass and a corresponding reduction in treatment efficiency.

The NS Series Cultures can provide relief by augmenting and supplementing the natural microflora with biomass that is pre-acclimated and adapted to bio-oxidation of toxic, resistant and formerly considered untreatable carbonaceous . compounds resulting in improved treatment reliability and removal efficiency.

The NS Series Cultures is comprised of immobilized viable bacteria in a dry granular form complete with special nutrients and stabilizers. The products have an unlimited shelf life when they are kept dry, cool and not exposed to direct sunlight.

In order for a bioaugmentation product to work efficiently in a wastewater treatment system, it must have the following desirable properties: 

  • The product must contain sufficient population of bacteria of the right type which can degrade the targeted pollutants.

  • The product should contain bacterial strains that can survive on the targeted pollutant alone and be able to utilize it as its sole carbon source when other essential nutrients are present.

  • The product should contain bacterial strain that are resistant to the toxic effects of the targeted pollutant fraction.

  • The product should be able to grow and metabolize the targeted pollutants in the presence of certain heavy metals.


The NS Series Cultures satisfies all of the above requirements, plus many others. With bacterial contents in the billions of viable organisms per gram, each product is engineered to degrade a great variety of troublesome hydrocarbons and other toxic pollutants. These unique strains of bacteria can degrade and detoxify phenols (including hydroxylated); methylated, halogenated and nitrogenated compounds; aminated hydrocarbons (both aliphatic and aromatic); biphenols; creosols; alcohols aromatic organic acids; benzene; naphthalene; and many other substituted and unsubstituted hydrocarbons.

No products have been shown to be more resistant to heavy metal content than the NS Series. Growth on compounds and their concurrent degradatIon, goes on even when 100 mg/L or more of cadmium, arsenic, copper, iron, lead, tin, zinc, cobalt, selenium and silver are present.  The NS Series Cultures are able to sustain growth at a great range of temperatures from 45'C to temperatures near refrigeration on a large variety of nitrogen sources.

M  A   I  N      A  Q  U  A  C  U  L  T  U  R  E     P  R  O  D  U  C  T  S

N S    S E R I E S




[New!]Mega SPO


MEGA SPO is the latest breakthrough product in the NS Series line of microbial/enzyme formulation for aquaculture. MEGA SPO is based on improved bacterial strain in Super SPO plus the incorporation of denitrifying bacteria Thiobacillus denitrificans and Paracoccus denitrificans.

For High Density Prawn

and Finfish Culture

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Super SPO  

Specifically Blended For Prawn and Fish Grow-out Farms and Eliminates Pond Bottom Pollution and Deterioration. Improves Water Quality and FCR. Prevents Diseases and Maintains High Survival Rates

For Prawn and Finfish


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Correct Pond Preparation Plays a Key Role in Commercial Aquaculture. So Start It Right with ER-49, Specifically Blended for Pond Preparation to Detoxify Metabolites Trapped in Soil After a Culture Period

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Specifically Blended For Eliminating Toxic Gas Buildup, Suspended Solids and Scum Formation in Hatchery Tanks. Higher Recovery Rates of Fry and Fingerling

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 W  A  S  T  E  W  A  T  E  R     T  R  E  A  T  M  E  N  T

N S    S E R I E S 


NS Series TW

The cultures in NS Series TW is blended specifically to digest and liquefy organic wastes from municipal and industrial waste flows.

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NS Series D

Designed to degrade lignin compounds, complex dyes, creosotes, etc. from pulp & paper mills, textile mills, distilleries, food processors, sugar mills, wood treatment plants and more.

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NS Series O

Degrades wastes containing petroleum by- products and commercial fuel oils in wastewater from petrochemical plants, refineries, metal works, foundries, gasoline service stations, etc.

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NS Series C NS Series C is designed to degrade wastes from chemical industries, food processors, fruit & vegetable drink processors, soda bottling and petrochemical plants and refineries.

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NS Series G

Formulated with enzymes and special buffers, it can degrade protein complex wastes, oil and grease, aromatics in wastewater from food processors, textile mills, soap and detergent making, distilleries and more.

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NS Series GR

NS Series GR, also called Greaseless, is designed to degrade protein complex wastes, oil and grease, aromatics from sinks, drainage systems, pipes, grease traps of commercial kitchens, public toilets and more.

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NS Series P

Removes phenols and other specific toxins from wastewater emanating from textile mills, agricultural component manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, paint factories, soap, detergent and dye stuff manufacturing, etc.

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NS Series GN

Formulated for use in anaerobic digesters,  fluidized bed reactors, etc.,  designed for wastewater and sludge removal, biogas production from various agro-industries for efficient start-up and faster degradation of organic metabolites and conversion to methane under anaerobic conditions

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Odor-Off is an organic odor control product. As a natural broad spectrum odor neutralizer,

Odor-Off is capable of eliminating unwanted malodors in a wide range of situation.

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O  T  H  E  R     A  Q  U  A  C  U  L  T  U  R  E     P  R  O  D  U  C  T  S





Lipid-based product that serves as a source of energy for prawns, shellfish and finfish during their larval development and growth stages.

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Feed ingredient for agriculture feeds. Composed of natural astaxanthin and ethyl-cellulose coated vitamin C

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Unique formula that promote and hasten growth of plankton and algae. It contains hormones, vitamins macro & micro nutrients, minerals and more.

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For plankton bloom and stabilization, which in turn provides the natural food needed by prawns and finfish under culture. It also rehabilitates pond bottom soil and provides a healthier microflora.



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