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Mar Bonifacio






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  Mar Bonifacio

Miranda Farm, Macabebe, Pampanga, Philippines



Mr. Mar Bonifacio of Guagua, Pampanga started prawn culture while young when he helped managed the farm of his grandfather. During the early 1990's, Mr. Bonifacio started to fully record his experiences in all his ponds, from proper pond preparation, selection of quality fry, best approach to acclimate and seeding, plankton and water management, feeding management and becoming one of the most experienced in the control and management of digman (pond bottom algae). Not daunted by the ever present threat of digman common to all farms in Pampanga, he has achieved and formulated protocols in the control of digman.  He also instituted revolutionary but common-sense people management approach which earned him the respect and trust of his staff and farm people, ultimately resulting in 8 years of  consistent harvest.

Mr. Mar Bonifacio's success has its roots not only in hard work but also in his keen observation and persistent search for the best solution when confronted with problems related to all aspects of extensive prawn farming. With NS Series Super SPO and Aqua Pond as management tool, he has managed to be one of the most successful prawn growers in Pampanga.

  Mr. Mar Bonifacio with recent harvest  

  Mr. Mar Bonifacio now operates 3 farms, Manango Farm (above) in Minalin, Makasili and Miranda farms in Macabebe.



  Water source
Above: An ideal pond bottom condition after harvest   Above: Another view of pond bottom condition after harvest  

Left: 105-day-old harvested prawns

Hand picking prawns at the outlet gate   Crab specimen   Surrounding community given privilege to pick gleanings
For delivery to BBL Consignacion    Usual sight of birds picking small fishes after harvest    Early group discussion of later activities
 Mr. Mar Bonifacio (center).   Mr. Dennis Saw (right) prawn fry supplier from Batangas   Aqua-pond delivery to Mr. Mar Bonifacio
      Pond preparation equipment, innovation of Mr. Bonifacio,  suitable for water logged extensive farms



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