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Microbial-enzyme-culture products should not be represented as a remedy for faulty engineering and design problems in a waste treatment system. The best products can do no more than assist in biological treatment to attain the peak efficiency for which it was designed and constructed.

Microbial-enzyme-culture products will not attack inorganic matter in treatment systems. These inorganic material include sand and grit, glass, bits of metals, plastic, ceramic materials, rubber, nylon, etc. Wood or high cellulose materials generally have to undergo very slow degradation process.  Microbial-enzyme-culture products will not by themselves directly eliminate BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) in a waste treatment system. BOD is a measure of oxygen needed to biologically stabilize a given lot of wastewater. Therefore, BOD is one rough measurement of the concentration of degradable waste or pollutants present in a waste stream. Top quality culture products like the NS Series can, however, help a waste treatment system to reach its optimal level of treatment efficiency and thus help the system to eliminate BOD as rapidly as possible from a wastewater flow. These products can help to liquefy solids and reestablish beneficial microflora in a biological wastewater treatment system. Bioaugmentation will not completely replace pumping and other septic system procedure.  It is not a miracle process and NS Series products has limitations.


Some misinformed people have argued that, because many waste have naturally high bacterial counts, to add a small number of specific microflora to a treatment system may not be useful. However; these people have failed to take cognizance of the fact that the industrially significant specific strains of microorganisms supplied in NS Series products produce in some cases, million of times the level of organic digesting catalysts compared to enzymes produced by wild microorganisms found in various waste streams. Therefore, a relatively small dosage seeding of these superior microbes can significantly affect the overall activity of a waste holding, conveying or treatment facility.  Frequent initial bioaugmentation allow the bacterial colonies to rejuvenate and return quickly to work. After the colonies are reestablished and functioning well again, periodic supplements will maintain them. Frequency will depend on the volume moving through the system and on the variety of chemicals being carried in it. In bio-rehabilitation, it is important to restrict chemical flow into the system so that the bio-cultures can survive, grow, and do their job.





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