NS Series Super SPO

for grow-outs

NS Series ER-49

for pond preparation

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Dego Industry






N S   S E R I E S

 Mega SPO   


Thiobacillus denitrificans


Paraccocus denitrificans


High Density

Prawn & Fish Culture





San Enrique, Negros Occidental, Philippines


Farm : Dego Industry, Inc.,


Owner : Mr. Alex Halang

Location : San Enrique, Negros Occidental

Data :



 0.9672 HA.



ABW (before application)

26:6 grams

ABW (at harvest)

31.18 grams

DOC (before application)

158 days

DOC (at harvest)

174 days



Total tons harvested

8.029 tons


Observations :


Before the application of NS Series Super SPO, there was a very strong smell emanating from the pond from DOC 112 to DOC 158. After application of the product, odor intensity. was tremendously lessened. Water parameter quality improved, and heavy plankton bloom was stabilized. Diseases like tail rot, black spots and bluish discoloration was controlled and reduced tremendously. Heavy scum formation was gone after the first day of application. Subsequently, water change was reduced by 50% till harvest.


Comment by owner :


"Without SPO, the additional extended 16 days and 4.52 grams increase could not have been possible. It meant an additional income of almost 45.000.00 pesos"






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