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Christ the King






N S   S E R I E S

 Mega SPO   


Thiobacillus denitrificans


Paraccocus denitrificans


High Density

Prawn & Fish Culture






Malaubang, Ozamis, Mindanao



Farm : Christ The King Prawn Farm


Owner :  Mr. Jesus Salvador Sr.


Location : Malaubang, Ozamis City, Mindanao, Philippines


Stocking Density : 25 pcs/M2

Pond history :


Pond I was applied with NS Series Super spa at DOC 90 with prawns originally having an ABW of 15 grams. Prawn during this time, were already exhibiting red gills and slow growth.

Observations Upon Application of NS Series Super SPO :




24 hours after application of product, color of pond water changed .from turbid green to golden brown, transparency improved from 25 cm. to 50 cm. Suspended solids causing turbidity readily settled and improved


Plankton growth became stable. Erratic algal blooming experienced before was stabilized also.


Eating habits of prawns improved. Before application, feed monitoring time took from 2 to 3 hours. After application of the product, monitoring time improved to not more than 1 hour and 45 minutes. ABW increased 7 grams was noted on DOC 97 one week after application. improving FCR to 1.34.


Depth of pond bottom sludge was reduced from 16 inches to 8 inches after harvest


Bad pond odor was immediately reduced after first application and was totally absent after harvest


Red gills were corrected after first application


Volume of prawns harvested was approximately 7.75 tons/HA


Energy consumption was lessened by 50% because of lesser water change due to good water quality after application with NS Series Super SPO.





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