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NS Series P






N S   S E R I E S

 Mega SPO   


Thiobacillus denitrificans


Paraccocus denitrificans


High Density

Prawn & Fish Culture





Phenols & Toxicants



NS Series P is a scientifically blended concentrate of specially selected, adapted and cultured bacteria plus enzymes which under favorable conditions will remove phenols and other specific toxicants from waste water emanating from the following industries: textile mills, agricultural component manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, paint factories, soap and detergent manufacturing, dye stuff manufacturing, etc.



Improves BOD & COD removal


Removal of Phenols and detergents


Improves oxygen transfer


Decreased chemical treatment costs


Reduction in aeration power consumption



pH      pH - 6.5 to 8.0
Appearance      Free flowing tan powder
Odor      Yeast-like
Moisture content      15%
Bulk density      0.50 to 0.61 g/cm3
Standard packaging      25 kg. fiber or steel drum with polyliner



Bacteria and enzymes present in NS Series P perform within a pH range of 6.0 to 9.0 with the optimum near pH 7.5. Temperature affects the activity of the working solution and action increases with rising temperature from 45 C to near refrigeration with optimum at 28 C on a large scale of nitrogen sources.




Organic waste reduction in :



Phenol containing wastes, biphenol, phenoxy alcohols, pentachlorophenols


Wastes containing organic solvent residues


Aromatic hydrocarbon with hydroxylated, nittogenated groups


Short chained alkyl hydrocarbons



Store in cool dry place. Keep out of direct sunlight. Avoid direct inhalation. Wash hands with warm after handling.


Dosage levels vary widely with each application based on actual evaluation of existing conditions. Precise recommendation may be made upon ocular inspection of wastewater treatment facilities and analysis of wastewater samples. Testing Is available upon request.





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