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Introducing MOS-X, an ecologically safe pest control formulation against mosquito larvae. This is the answer to the resurgence of malaria, H-fever and dengue in third world countries which endangers 40% (2.2 billion) of the world's population.

MOS-X is the product of two decades of research in the Philippines. Laboratory and field tests proved the efficiency of MOS-X in killing the larvae of Anopheles flavirostris, insect vector of malaria; and Cutes SQ., insect vectors of H-fever.

MOS-X is a powerful microbial pesticide against species of mosquito larvae
Since drug resistant strains of malarial parasites have come about recently, the malarial scourge continue to plague tropical countries. 
MOS-X as an effective larvicide of different kinds of mosquitoes is a breakthrough in the eradication of this life-threatening problem.


MOS-X is a formulated product based on bacterium, Bacillus thuringiensis ~ morrisoni. Painstaking research of UP BIOTECH by Dr. LE Padua led to the discovery and isolation of this specific strain of Bacillus thuringiensis (B.T.) which is highly adapted to tropical conditions.

MOS-X is safe to humans, animals and other marine and plant life.  The product is specifically toxic to mosquito larvae only. It has no adverse effect on humans, animals, marine and other plant life. There is no obnoxious odor unlike chemical pesticides. Laboratory and field tests have proven that non-target insects, animals and marine life are not affected by MOS-X treatments. MOS-X is the better alternative to chemical pesticides!

MOS-X preserves environmental integrity and eliminates obnoxious odors.  Being a biologically active product with a selective action against mosquito larvae only. MOS-X does not kill beneficial insects (predator and parasites of insect pests) thereby maintaining ecological balance.

MOS-X contains a very special mineral substrate as carrier that can absorb toxic gasses like hydrogen sulfide, methane, etc. These toxic gasses are present specially in ponds, stagnant pools, canals, etc., which also are the breeding ground of mosquitoes.


MOS-X is simply broadcast by hand or mixed in water and sprayed or poured on the surface and along the sides of bodies of water where mosquitoes breed. It will not cause skin irritation when it comes in contact with human skin. Regular application of MOS-X in breeding places of mosquitoes (lagoons, canals, rivers, etc.) ensures year round protection. Community wide awareness of biological control will ultimately lead to mosquito eradication, an effective control of the dreaded diseases, malaria and H-fever.




Unlike in the use of chemical pesticides, biological formulations such as MOS-X contains the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis, with the 'killer gene". This explains the more or less permanent effect of natural pesticides since resistance of pests is not likely to develop within a short span of time.




Once MOS-X is applied in breeding places of mosquitoes, the larvae (151 to 4th instar) will ingest the product. Upon ingestion, the delta-endotoxin crystals secreted by Bacillus thuringiensis are activated.

Activation occur in the gut of mosquito larvae because of existing favorable conditions such as : 1) secretion of enzyme protease, 2) specific 'pH. The active toxin is released upon dissolution of the crystals. The poison acts on the digestive systems of the larvae resulting in the destruction of the gut walls.

Bacillus thuringiensis spores also germinate in the epithelium leading to starvation and final death of the mosquito larvae. All the above events occurs within 24 hours after application of MOS-X .

Field test proving effectiveness of MOS-X in malaria control

MOS-X was applied in selected rivers in Iwahig, Palawan where Anopheles flavirostris, the insect vector for malaria, are known to breed. The graph shows that after two successive application of MOS-X (10 days apart, pupal development (shown in %) was completely prevented


Apply regularly once a week for the first three (3) months. Subsequent applications may be reduced to twice monthly based on the extent of infestation or presence of larvae in stagnant ponds. Frequent application is recommended since the habitat of mosquitoes is normally in continuous flowing water coming from various sources. MOS-X is carried to the still portion of water where mosquitoes breed,. Apply on water surface and along sides of bodies of water. Broadcast by hand or use an ordinary pail, mixing the recommended dosage with enough water and poured (5 grams to 1 liter of water or4 tbsp. to a gallon).



Running Water

(rivers, esteros, canals)

3 to 5 grams per linear meter 

Weekly application for first 3  months, then twice monthly

Stagnant Water

(pools, lagoons, moist  dumpsites, treatment systems, wastewater)

3 to 5 grams per linear meter

weekly application for first 3 months, then twice monthly


(household plants)

1 gram per flower vase or pot 

Once or twice a month

* Add recommended amount to a container with desired volume of water before use.




Store MOS-X in a cool dry place and away from direct sunlight. Handle inventory on a first-in
first-out basis. MOS-X is effective for one (1) year if stored at room temperature. Refrigerated product is effective for up to three (3) years.



Although MOS-X is non-toxic to human, safety measures should be observed when handling the product. Avoid inhaling the powder and keep out of reach of children. Wash hands with warm, soapy water after handling. 


MOS-XTM is a registered brand name of Nutri-Systems International, Inc.and is  marketed under license from Dr. L.E Padua whose product Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. morrisoni is registered with the Philippine Patent Office.




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