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Mega Harvest, Inc.






N S   S E R I E S

 Mega SPO   


Thiobacillus denitrificans


Paraccocus denitrificans


High Density

Prawn & Fish Culture





Mega Harvest, Inc.

Nasugbu, Batangas,



Farm :  Mega Harvest, Inc.

Owner : The Aldaba Family

Location :  Bo. Wawa, Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines

Stocking Density : 30 pcs/M2

Pond History :

Pond 4 has a watered area of 4,400 M2 with clayish loam type soil. Two previous production runs dated May 12 and July 14, 1988 have been aborted at 30 DOC and 75 DOC respectively because of pond bottom degradation (farm used to be a mangrove area) and adverse weather conditions. This pond was designated by the owners to have NS Series Super SPO tested

Observations Upon Application of NS Series Super SPO :

The product was applied on the 29th day of culture (DOC)

24 hours after application of the product, unconsumed particulates of feed pellets and suspended solids in the water column settled readily, thus improving overall transparence and turbidity.

Cold weather conditions started at DOC 120; coupled with high salinity, the culture period was extended up to DOC 172.

The application of the product was stopped at DOC 161. And up to harvest at DOC 172, transparency was maintained at 20 cm. and color of water was still brownish green. With the use of NS Series Super SPO, pond 4 was able to achieve its first harvest.


   Survival rate at harvest   90.00%
   Soft Shell    1.00%
   Tail rot    0.00%
   Blue prawn    0.00%
   Undersized   15.61%










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