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Promotes Plankton & Algae Growth

Lab-Me (Plankton & Algae Growth Promoter)  -  The feasibility of commercial fish production from ponds mainly depends on the availability of appropriate natural fish food. These natural fish foods are lower forms of plant life, which includes various species of algae and diatoms growing in pond bottoms.

The growth of these food is dependent on the fertility of the pond bottom soil. When soil has low fertility levels, the growth of plankton and algae will be minimal. This is caused by two reasons: First, low fertility is attributed to the natural characteristics of the soil. Soils which are low in organic matter definitely will have low fertility. Second, low fertility may also be caused by the constant removal of nutrients through repeated cultures, as the planktons and algae population continuously take up nutrients which in turn are synthesized into the body weight of the fish and thus removed from the pond after every harvest.

To enhance the growth of plankton, algae and diatoms as natural feed source, nutrients are required. These nutrients come in the form of macro elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other micro elements such as calcium, manganese, magnesium, iron, etc., and are released when organic matter undergoes decomposition in fish pond soils. However, due to high stocking, fish under culture consume a lot of the above-mentioned natural foods. When natural food is scarce, the usual practice is to supplement commercial pelletized feed or wet feeds to their diets. This practice naturally adds up to the cost of the culture which affects profitability,  

In order to lower production costs, abundant plankton and algal growth is essential. To achieve this, the corresponding amount of nutrients are required. LAB ME, the' algal growth promoter does this job perfectly.


LAB ME is a uniquely formulated stabilized biochemical fertilizer concentrate containing macro and micro elements, growth inducing hormones, nutrient minerals and . vitamins to enhance, promote and hasten plankton and 



Dilute 200 mI. of ultra concentrate LAB ME in 5 gallons of water. Should dosage increase, increase volume proportionately. Stir and apply immediately along pond perimeters. Apply LAB ME late in the afternoon or early morning. LAB ME should also be applied after a heavy rain. Application of LAB ME may be stopped 1 week before harvest. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE I!!


Pond Preparation: Apply organic fertilizer, lime etc. as the usual practice. During letting in of water (8" - 10" depth), apply 1 liter of LAB ME per hectare.

Weekly dosage application of LAB ME for milkfish, tilapia, etc.,


Stocking Density 

3 weeks

After stocking

4th to 8th


9th to 11th


13th week upwards to last week before harvest

2,000 pcs/HA

200 ml/HA/wk

250 ml/HA/wk

250 ml/HA/wk

500 ml/HA/wk*

3,000 pcs/HA & Up

250 ml/HA/wk

300 ml/HA/wk

300 ml/HA/wk

700 ml/HA/wk*

* Dosage may be adjusted higher or lower depending on soil and water quality



Store in cool dry place. Keep out of direct sunlight. Avoid direct inhalation. Wash hands with warm after handling.



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