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NS Series G






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Protein Complex, Oil & Aromatics

The often problematic situation encountered in industrial waste flow systems due to the presence of oil, grease and fat as employed by food processors is caused by the very slow natural degradation process undertaken by naturally occurring cultures. Oil, grease and fats of animal and vegetable origins have always cause persistent problems in systems handling wastewater. Breakdown of these substances is very slow. They have a tendency to clog drains, pipes and treatment systems. Disposal is hindered because of low specific gravity and high melting point.

NS Series G is a scientifically blended concentration of selected, adapted and cultured bacterial formulations plus enzymes and special buffers that are designed to degrade protein complex wastes, oil and grease, aromatics in wastewater emanating from the following industries: food Processors, Textile Mills, Soap and Detergent Manufacturing, Distilleries, Petrochemical Plants, and other related industries.


    Removal of H2S, fats, oil & grease

    Odorless degradation of sulfur containing organics

    Builds biomass

    Improves NH3 removal

    Improves reduction of BOD & COD

    Rapid shock and kill recovery

    Reduction of solvents and phenolics

    Improves sludge settling


Bacteria and enzymes. in NS Series G perform within a pH range of 6.0 to 9.0 with the optimum near pH 7.5. Temperature affects the activity of the working solution and action increases with rising temperature of 450 C to near refrigeration on a large  variety of nitrogen sources.



pH      pH - 6.5 to 8.5
Appearance      Free flowing tan powder
Odor      Yeast-like
Moisture content      15%
Bulk density      0.50 to 0.61 g/cm3
Standard packaging      25 kg. metal drums and 1 kg. plastic bottles



    Protein complex wastes
    Wastes containing fats, oil and grease and 'other dissolved aromatics
    Wastes containing hydrocarbons linked with amines
    Wastes containing glycerol esters
    Oleagenous waxes and fats


Dosage levels vary widely with each application based on actual evaluation of existing conditions. Precise recommendation may be made upon ocular inspection of wastewater treatment facilities and analysis of wastewater samples. Testing is available upon request

This graph shows the ability of NS Series G Cultures in removing oleagenuos substances from wastewater several times more efficiently than naturally occurring bacteria in the same period of time.

Fats float and solidify causing difficulties in underground pipes where greases and other wastes are trapped and build up.




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