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 J. B. Pantastico  & J. P. Baldia (1989)




Effects of NS Series SPO on The Water Quality and Survival of Various

Growth Stages of Prawns Reared Under Semi-Controlled Conditions


Three experiments were conducted to determine the specific benefits derived from the application of NS Series SPO in a semi-controlled culture system with growing prawns.

In the first experiment, NS Series SPO was applied at 1.0, 0.5 and 0.3 g/cu.m. in the rearing medium of prawn post larvae, PL 18. Significant improvements in the water quality were obtained in the bacteria-inoculated lots over the control. The bacterial population and total solids content of the water were also monitored. Survival of prawn post larvae after 20 days was 85.3% with the application of NS Series SPO compared with the control which was 54.3%.

The second experiment demonstrated the efficiency of NS Series SPO inoculation in the growing media of older prawns 


Stage I  : 37-day old            Stage II  : 50-day old


Stage III : 76-day old           Stage IV : 96-day old



Nitrite and ammonia levels were reduced significantly with bacterial inoculation (NO2 = 0.156 to 0.213 ppm; NH3 = 0.073 to 0.093 ppm) compared to the control (NO2 = 0.483 to 0.563 ppm; NH3 = 0.413 to 0.674 ppm). 


Irregardless of age of prawns, water quality parameters were maintained within optimum limits set for the organism. Percent survival for bacteria-inoculated lots were 96.7% (Stage II) and 86.7% (Stage III) compared to the control which were set at 43.3% and 40% for stages II and III respectively.

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1st Experiment 2nd Experiment 3rd Experiment



Research commissioned by G.L. Whang or Nu-Genes Technologies, Inc.

This paper was presented to the "International Symposium on Application of Biotechnological Methods and Recent Accomplishments of Economic Value in Asia" in Bangkok, Thailand.



J. B. Pantastico Ph.D. in Phycology has been connected with Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFOEC) and Philippine Council of Aquaculture Marine Research and Development (PCAMRD).

Dr. Pantastico obtained her doctoral degree in Botany with major concentration in Phycology on a Fulbright-Hays Travel grant at the University of California, Davis in 1967. She was Associate Professor at the Department of Botany U.P. Los Baños until 1976. She joined Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC), Aquaculture Department and established the Natural Feeds Laboratory in support hatchery operations for prawn and freshwater finfishes. In 198B,  she served as Division Director of the Philippine Council for Aquatic AI and Marine Research and Development (PCAMRD). She is presently Director of the Advanced Biotechnologies, Inc., (ABI) which focuses its efforts on industry problems.

Mr. Jose P. Baldia obtained his B . S. degree at U . P. Los Baños and his M.S. (Microbiology) degree at U.P. Diliman on a SEAFDEC Scholarship Grant. As a researcher for eleven (11) years at SEAFDEC, AQD, he specialized in the fields of Fish Pathology, Natural Food Production, Limnology and Aquaculture. He has attended several seminars, workshops and symposia and has published scientific papers in both local and international journals. Currently, Mr. Baldia is a consultant at the Inland Resources Development Corporation and has formulated aquaculture projects for the private and government sectors.
 Methods and Recent Accomplishments of Economic Value in Asia" in Bangkok, Thailand.





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