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NUTRI ASTA-C is a feed ingredient for use in agriculture feed formulations which is composed of natural astaxanthin and ethyl-cellulose coated vitamin C.





Astaxanthin is chemically known as an oxygenated carotenoid compound (also called xantophyll) which helps in color pigmentation of shrimps. While plants and bacteria are able to synthesize these Clrotenoids, shrimps like other animals entirely depend on dietary supply. It is also the major carotenoid found in most crustacean tissues and responsible for the typical color or Penaeids. With increasing commercialization or shrimp farming, there is a growing demand for synthetic, nature-identical carotenoids not only for pigmentation but also for the maintenance or growth and fertility.





One or the most alarming problems plaguing the shrimp industry today is the occurrence or poor general pigmentation or blue discoloration or shrimps known as the "Blue Shrimp Syndrome". Pigmentation of shrimps are influenced by several factors, the achievement of an optimal and consistent pigmentation primarily due to the amount and type of carotenoids available in the feed.


In prawn culture, the animal is deprived of their natural food sources. If the respective carotenoids or substitute are not included in the feed, the carotenoid content will be limiting. While the true cause of blue shrimp syndrome is not fully understood, it is widely attributed to a most probable dietary lack or carotenoids like astaxanthin. In fact, recent investigation of blue shrimps have consistently revealed a significantly lowered total carotenoid content due mainly to a deficiency of astaxanthin in these animals.


The inclusion of astaxanthin into commercial diets like in the field trials, resulted in the accumulation of exoskeleton pigments and the successful conversion of abnormally blue pigmented individuals of P monodon into normal pigmented ones.

Through the application of modern genetic improvement techniques, NUTRI-SYSTEMS INTERNATlONAL is making available NUTRI ASTA-C:, a highly effective source of natural astaxanthin combined with ethyl-cellulose coated L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C). This is a stable product which permits uniform distribution in fish feed formulation with high bio-availability.






The vitamin in NUTRI ASTA-C: is a highly developed special formulation of L( +) Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) crystal, extra pure coated (Ethyl-cellulose) grade A product for use as supplement in aquaculture. Finfish and shellfish, including shrimps that are under culture, experience tremendous stress. Because of stress, resistance to disease lowers, loss of appetite occurs and mortality sets in. It is during stress that vitamin C is essential.

Vitamin C plays a role in healing wounds and has a significant effect with other nutrients. It aids in the metabolism of the amino acids phenylalanine and tyrocine. It also converts the inactive form of folic acid to the active form, folinic acid and may have a role in calcium metabolism.

In addition, vitamin C also protects riboflavin, folic acid, pantothenic acid, thiamine and vitamin A and E against oxidation. The intestinal absorption of iron is also greatly in- creased by adequate vitamin C.






Stress and Blue Discoloration


At the first sign of blue discoloration or signs of stress, apply 5 to 10 grams of NUTRI ASTA-C: to a kilogram of feed for every feeding until prawns become normal. Upon normalization, it is advisable to apply the maintenance dosage.


Maintenance Dosage


I to 2 grams of NUTRI ASTA-C to a kilogram of feed once a day at the highest feeding of the day. It is highly advisable to use fish oil as a binder during application of NUTRI ASTA-C.




Store in cool dry place and keep away from direct sunlight. Avoid direct inhalation. Wash hands thoroughly with warm soapy water after handling. Keep out of reach of children.





2 years under normal room temperature while sealed and I year under normal room temperature after opening.




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