NS Series Super SPO

for grow-outs

NS Series ER-49

for pond preparation

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N S   S E R I E S

 Mega SPO   


Thiobacillus denitrificans


Paraccocus denitrificans


High Density

Prawn & Fish Culture





AQUA POND  inCombination

with NS Super SPO

in 'Fish Terraces'


Fish Terraces - converted from the famous Philippine Rice Terraces Seminar - On the use of NS Series Super SPO in combination Aqua Pond in Itogon (Fish Terraces)



Location : Itogon, Mountain Province, Philippines


The Banaue rice terraces in the Central Cordillera mountain range on the island of Luzon, are often considered as the eighth wonder of the world. Over two thousand years in the making, the Ifugao tribes people who created and farmed the terraces out of necessity in order to plant their staple crop of rice have in doing so left an engineering masterpiece. The fact that the terraces were constructed utilizing only primitive tools and bare hands makes the terraces even more astounding.


Now the ingenuity of the natives  can again be seen. With guidance and assistance from the Bureau of Fishereis and Aquatic Resources (BFAR), farmers recently converted several of the rice terraces into 'Fish terrace' in Itogon (45 minutes from Baguio City) to augment their protein requirements. With water flowing down from the Cordilleras, farmers are now able to raise tilapia even in these upland territories.


Data collection in progress in the use of Aqua Pond & SPO





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