NS Series Super SPO

for grow-outs

NS Series ER-49

for pond preparation

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N S   S E R I E S

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Thiobacillus denitrificans


Paraccocus denitrificans


High Density

Prawn & Fish Culture




Welcome to the website of Nutri-Systems International, Inc., the home of the popular NS Series products for aquaculture & wastewater treatrment.  Browse around and drop us a line... Enjoy.


Company Profile



NUTRI-SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL, INCORPORATED, one of the leading aquaculture consulting firms in Asia today specializes in investigative studies relating to the development, design, management, assessment and remediation of problems relating to aquaculture systems.


Founded in 1991, the company provides comprehensive professional services to industries, government and other consulting groups. The firm also uses multi-disciplinary, result oriented approach to meet client requirements. Its main affiliated company, Nu-Genes Technologies, Incorporated, founded in 1988 is also one of the leading wastewater treatment consulting firms in Asia. The company's directors, officers, staff and consultants have strong backgrounds in the government, academia and private sector and these are coupled with practical experiences in consultancy, academia, banking, construction, manufacturing, insurance, import-export, agriculture, aquaculture and research. The firm's staff is also widely recognized for excellence in technical matters and project management.


One of the foremost activity of the company today is the commercial application of bacteria enzymes products to improve productivity in aquaculture of shrimps, prawns, tilapia and milkfish. NS Series Super SPO and Mega SPO are well known bioaugmentation products marketed by the company throughout Asia and the Middle East.


Extensive research in collaboration with the academe in the improvement of bacteria enzymes product in other areas of commercial application not only in aquaculture but also in industrial wastewater treatment units is also a top priority.










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